First MVF Student Representative reflects on inaugural program

by Chioma Nwoye
Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to be the first ever Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Student Representative. With this role, I was given the opportunity to be a member of the Montgomery Village Board of Directors, intern in the office over the summer and create a project for our community.

At the Board meetings, I was able to listen to what is happening in our community and give my opinion on topics discussed. Although I didn’t always have something to contribute to the discussion, I left each meeting knowing more and more about our delightful community. I gained so much respect for the Board members, having watched as they listened attentively to residents’ concerns and made knowledgeable decisions for our community.

Looking back on the internship, I can honestly say the kind, entertaining and caring staff at MVF made the experience better than I expected. My first stop for the internship was in the Communications Department. This is where I met many dedicated people and got to see firsthand how they produce the Village News. I even got to take pictures with Maria and Kiersten, two of the cutest campers ever at Camp Tiny Feet, for the Village News.

My next stop was with the Architectural Standards Department to see how they worked diligently to ensure that the Village remains aesthetically beautiful. Next, I visited the “fun department,” I mean the Recreation and Parks Department. It was there that I got to do a little of everything, including drowning a dummy with Petra for lifeguards to find and rescue.

Then, I was on my way to spend time with the Community Management Department—this department has some of the most patient and caring people I have ever met. They do so much for everyone who is lucky enough to call the Village their home.

Finally, my last stop was in the Finance Department. I spent some time with the finance staff, understanding what happens to assessment dollars, and helped put together budget books with Juana. This department does so much hard work and without them, none of the wonderful things that make me happy to call this place my home would be possible.

One of the best parts of my role as Student Representative was the project. I chose to design a skatepark. I have always thought skateboarding was pretty awesome—even if I still can’t “ollie.” Working on this project was one of the only times when I actually loved doing research. Who wouldn’t love getting to visit skateparks and stopping to eat custard? Although it was difficult, I had so much help from Mike and Duncan and others to produce something I could be proud of.

Overall, being the Student Representative was a phenomenal experience. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and so excited to see what the next Student Representative does in this role.

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