Lake safety reminders for residents and pets

In the summer, it is not unusual for lakes and ponds to develop blue-green algae. Recently, there have been reports of blue-green algae around the county, and this week, blue-green algae was noted in some Village lakes for the first time this year. All of this is not surprising, given the high temperatures and amount of rain that has fallen this year.

While not all species of blue-green algae are harmful, some species do produce toxins that can be harmful to humans and animals if ingested. It is also common for blue-green algae blooms to appear quickly and remain for days or weeks without causing any harm. Cooler weather in the fall will naturally kill the algae.

Residents are reminded to take the following precautions in MVF parks, regardless of the presence of algae blooms in the lakes and ponds (which are actually stormwater management facilities):
•    Avoid direct contact with water while boating or fishing
•    Swimming and wading are prohibited in lakes at all times
•    Keep dogs on leash and do not allow them to drink or be in contact with the water
•    Wash hands thoroughly prior to eating, drinking or smoking if you come in contact with the water

Recreational activities including boating and fishing will remain open at Lake Whetstone.

For more information regarding exposure to algae for humans and animals, visit and

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