Thank you

by Glenn Gargan, President

Have you purchased your Girl Scout Cookies yet? I am a long-standing customer of Troop 5849’s top seller, Olivia Ormsby, but you can also find the scouts selling them at the door of area grocery stores most weekend days this month…don’t miss out.

The election for the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors is underway, and ends at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20. Please ensure that your signed ballot is submitted to the MVF Office, 10120 Apple Ridge Road, by the election deadline. While I have a year left on my Board term, I will not stand for another term as President after two years serving the same; as such, by this time next month, we will have a new MVF Board President. This will be my last column in the Village News.

I want to take a moment to thank our MVF staff for the exceptional job they perform. It is no easy feat to keep all necessary operations to run the Village moving smoothly, yet they do, and the Executive Vice President and his team are literally on call around the clock. Most of what they do is “behind the scenes” and not noticed, which is the mark of a well-run organization.

My fellow Board members, committee chairs, and HOA boards also deserve a “tip-of-the hat” as well, for all of the hard work they perform in their volunteer positions. A lot of energy and passion is invested by these folks, and their stepping up is greatly appreciated.

A nod to the Village’s own State Senator Nancy King, who has had our best interests at heart for a long time. Hopefully, Senator King will stay in the Senate and represent the Village for a long time to come.

Let me make mention of a fact: all of the above have their so-called “constituencies,” which they assist or serve with various issues or problems, and each has their own “swim lane.” You don’t call the plumber if your house is on fire, or the fire department if you need a plumber.

With the exemplary MVF management team and staff mentioned above, they are here to serve all Village residents. They do so promptly, courteously and with the experience to get the issue addressed. There is no instance where a Village resident needs to incur a “future favor or vote” by utilizing a middle man to bring a problem or issue to the MVF staff. This is not only unnecessary, it likely will result in a slower response, and perhaps an incomplete one, as well. Please do not let somebody try to be your alderman; this is Montgomery Village, Maryland, not Chicago. Contact information for the MVF Office and staff are in each issue (print or online) of the Village News. The staff is very approachable and polite, and provide superior customer service.

Lastly, please remember that the Montgomery Village News print editions are now distributed monthly. The Montgomery Village Foundation includes pertinent information published online in the following print edition as well.

As is tradition in this column, I and all of the MVF Board members invite you to get involved in the Village. Volunteerism is the secret ingredient in Montgomery Village, and the mix of skills, talents and knowledge present in our community can only ensure our continued improvement if you and your neighbors volunteer.

Your input and feedback to the Board is always welcome.

Best regards, and thanks.


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