State Legislature Update

The 2019 Legislative Session ended on April 8. This session had the fewest number of HOA/COA bills passed in the last few years. None of the bills passed that we had tracked and reported on earlier because of their potential to affect HOA/COA operations.

  • HB 900 – Required reserve studies and budgets for condos, HOAs and Co-ops. MVF supported reserves studies in general, but opposed the budgeting requirements for reserves required by the bill. The bill did not get out of committee in the House and was withdrawn by the sponsor, Delegate Marvin Holmes.
  • HB 207 – Permits owners delinquent in their assessments to vote to amend governing documents. MVF objected to the fairness of delinquent owners voting on governing documents, but the bill had strong support in the House. MVF expressed its opposition to the Senate leadership, and the session ended without the bill being voted on by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.
  • HB 249 – Raises the amount of deductible the owner of a condo unit is required to pay. The bill proposed to increase the owner’s required contribution from $5,000 to $25,000. MVF submitted comments suggesting that the increase to $25,000 was so large that it might increase litigation with owners unable to pay. The House approved the bill with a reduction to $10,000, but the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee did not advance the bill.
  • HB 392/SB 723Requires HOAs and condos to use a specified dispute resolution procedure, statewide. MVF worked with the bill sponsors to obtain amendments to the bills exempting MVF. The Senate voted unfavorable on SB 723 in Committee, and the bills did not receive any further consideration.
  • SB 745Requires an adopted budget to be sent to owners. MVF commented that this requirement was impractical for a large association and opposed it unless posting on website was adequate. The bill received an unfavorable report in the Judicial Proceedings Committee in the Senate.
  • HB 737/ SB 721Requires registration of Common Ownership Communities. This year’s bill recognized an exemption for MVF and all associations in Montgomery County because the information is already collected by the CCOC. The Senate bill received an unfavorable report in committee, and the House bill did not get out of committee in the House. It was withdrawn by the sponsor, Delegate Marvin Holmes.
  • HB 1037Makes it easier for condos and HOAs to obtain a quorum for meetings by following a procedure for notifying members of meetings. MVF supported the bill with an amendment to permit certain notices to be provided on an association’s website; the bill passed in the House but the session ended with no action on it by the Senate.

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